Geriatric Nursing Assistant

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Geriatric nursing assistants, also known as geriatric aides, work directly to supply care to elderly patients. Geriatric nursing assistants often work in long-term care facilities and nursing homes, but they may also work in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, or in patients’ homes.

Job Description:

Typical duties of geriatric nursing assistants include, but are not limited to:

  • Dressing, bathing, and feeding patients
  • Moving, and repositioning bedridden patients
  • Changing bed linens
  • Taking temperature, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Preparing, and transporting patients
  • Recording care

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum education of a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Specific training requirements vary by place of employment and state but often include a set number of training hours, supervised clinical care, and passing an examination
  • Work experience as a nurse’s aide or another type of aide to the elderly will help prepare you for a career as a geriatric nursing assistant
  • To work as a geriatric nursing assistant, you should be comfortable working with the elderly and acting as a caregiver
  • Patience, good interpersonal and communication skills, and an ability to be a team player will help you in your career as a geriatric nursing assistant


Pay determined by experience!