Medical Technician


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The role of a medical technician in the treatment process is to perform pathological tests and handling all kinds of equipment used in performing any kind of diagnostic tests.


Responsibilities of a Medical Technician:

  • Collect samples of blood, urine and spinal fluid from patients and perform various laboratory tests depending upon the disease the patient is suffering from
  • Perform all kinds of tests like microscopic tests, bacteriological tests and chemical tests to check the composition of the biological samples in the laboratories
  • Analyze the tests that have been performed and provide relevant results that may pertain in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases
  • Check the blood group and blood type and help in successful blood transfusion for patients suffering from severe diseases
  • Check and look after the maintenance of all kinds of equipments used in the laboratories for performing various tests
  • Make sure that required chemicals and infrastructure are available in the laboratories

Skills Required by Medical Technicians:

  • Should be well-acquainted with the technologies and methods used in testing blood
  • Capable of looking into the details and getting apt results from the tests performed
  • Willingness, enthusiasm and ability to meet the assigned task within time
  • Excellent communication skills and good expertise in written skills
  • Should be proficient in handling all kinds of laboratory equipments

Educational Qualifications Required for Medical Technicians:

Graduate or post graduate in Biological Science with specialization in any stream but preferably in microbiology. Opportunities in big clinics, labs and blood banks require you pass ASCP certification course. Some establishments and health care facilities also hire individuals specialized in histology, bacteriology, chemistry, hematology or immunohematology.